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What Food-Buying Really Looks Like for Restaurants

August 10, 2015
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Chef ordering with Improvonia
Digital ordering with the Improvonia app

Imagine shopping for food. What does it look like in your head? You see a grocery store, right? Maybe your local farmers market? Or a charming little country stand on the side of the road? What about a printed Excel spreadsheet on a worn-out clipboard in a cramped back office lit by a single flickering florescent tube?

If you see the last option, you probably work in a restaurant—or you have a really, really dark mind and should probably get outside for a bit. The thing is, chefs and kitchen managers have made the best of placing food orders in the most painful way for a long time. They know not only that food buying can actually be a pleasant experience, but also that ordering things in the rest of their lives is actually getting easier and better. They just haven’t been given any good options for improving their situation back-of-house. While the rest of the restaurant has gotten all kinds of help, from reservation and table management programs to Point of Sale systems and loyalty programs, the heart of the restaurant—the kitchen—has been left to work extra hours just to literally put food on the shelves.

It doesn’t have to be so bad. Improvonia, an app that lets restaurants place all their orders to all their purveyors in one click, has stepped in to simplify and organize the process so both buyers and suppliers can communicate more effectively and get back to doing what they love. The app makes ordering incredibly easy, and includes features like messaging, and notes tied to specific items that actually improve supplier relations through clear communication.

Improvonia makes restaurant ordering easier

And the restaurant industry can’t get enough. Over 2,400 restaurants and suppliers nationwide are already on the platform, with hundreds more added each month. “The reason we’re growing so fast is that both sides of the industry love Improvonia,” says CEO and co-founder Konstantin Zvereff, “We built it to make ordering easier and improve communication between buyers and sellers. What’s not to love?”

His co-founder, Jag Bansal, agrees, “The restaurant industry is built on relationships, but ordering is just a nightmare. As soon as a chef or sales rep sees how much time they’re wasting going through spreadsheets and leaving or listening to so many voicemails, they can’t believe they’ve been doing it for so long. Ordering with Improvonia is like cooking with gas after years of thinking they only made electric stoves.”

If you work in the restaurant industry, you can see for yourself at www.improvonia.com. It takes less than two minutes to get started, there are no fees to sign-up or get started, and it is always free for restaurants. They even have a handy little video to take you through how it works if you don’t get what all the fuss is about. Thousands of restaurants and suppliers already get it though, so don’t worry, you can too.

Now available throughout Louisiana--and the world--via web, iPhone, and Android at www.improvonia.com

Article from Edible New Orleans at http://edibleneworleans.ediblecommunities.com/food-thought/what-food-buying-really-looks-restaurants
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